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May 27, 2001
Camera Cinema Club

-->Written and Directed.....Jennifer Jason Leigh and Alan Cumming
-->Cinematography.....John Bailey [3 Women, American Gigalo, Ordinary People, Continental Divide, The Big Chill, Racing With The Moon, The Pope Of Greenwich Village, Silverado, Brighton Beach Memoirs, The Accidental Tourist, Visions Of Life, Groundhog Day, In The Line Of Fire, Nobody's Fool, As Good As It Gets, Living Out Loud]
-->Sally Therrian.....Jennifer Jason Leigh [MichaelVox's Bravest Actress, MichaelVox's Highest Ratio of Sexiness to Inherent Attractiveness, Fast Times At Ridgemont High, Last Exit To Brooklyn, The Big Picture, Miami Blues, Backdraft, Rush, Single White Female, Short Cuts, The Hudsucker Proxy, Mrs. Parker And The Vicious Circle, Georgia, Boogie Nights, A Thousand Acres, eXistenZ, O Brother Where Art Thou?]
-->Also with Alan Cumming, Parker Posey, Phoebe Cates, Kevin Kline, the Kline kids, Jane Adams, John C. Reilly, Jennifer Beals, and Gwyneth Paltrow.

An estranged Hollywood couple is back together just in time for their sixth anniversary, and they invite all their friends up to the house of a party.

The incredible cast (including our bravest actress Leigh), couldn't rise above the feeling I got that this was one of those famous people writing a story for their famous friends in which the famous would talk about being famous. The people come to a party, there is drinking and screaming and crying and drug taking and secrets are told and jokes are cracked, but nothing really happens. There are funny bits, especially the ongoing feud with the neighbors about a barking dog, but the serious parts are just famous people yelling at themselves. The parts were almost all written for the individual actors and Kline seems to be having the most fun as a totally self-absorbed Oscar-winning actor. It was nice to see all this talent in one room, but as we watched them play Charades and drink Champagne, I thought is was more of a famous person's home movie, than an actual film. Besides that, who can believe Cumming as a womanizer? Shot digitally, the movie does look closer to film than any other digital feature I've seen. Maybe they're right about this format taking over all film exhibition.

Opens June 8 in selected cities.


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