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November 7, 2001
Towne Theater

Voices of Ethan Hawke, Julie Delpy, Steven Soderberg, Adam Goldberg, Nicky Katt. Directed by Richard Linklater.

Sort of a collection of musings about dreamlife vs. waking life. We follow a character around during a dream as he comes into contact with different people who all have pretty specific ideas about dreaming. Some of the ideas are compelling, but others are so hard to follow that interest wanes. Luckily none of the scenes are too long and if one character starts you to dozing, the next one isn't far behind.

There was apparently some software invented that could animate a scene from start to finish without having to draw each frame. This allows the story to go further than reality can. When a guy describes a dream he had, he actually changes into different things as he's telling the story. This makes the film incredibly creative, even if the subject matter isn't all that interesting. A friend mentioned afterward that if this had not been animated, if it had been a series of interviews about dreaming, the whole audience would be asleep by the time it finished.

It was creative to be sure, but not exactly interesting (or fun for that matter).

8.0 Critical Consensus


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