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May 1, 2002
Camera One

Maybe the most honestly sexual film I've ever seen. All of the characters act in a way that is exactly how they'd act in real life. This film is getting the kind of accolades that it can't possibly measure up to. It is full of sex and not movie-sex, but actual sex. Sex is clumsy and funny and done naked without saxophone accompaniment. I’ve been discussing with friends whether or not the film would have been as good without any nudity. The nudity is so honest and common that it sets the tone of the whole picture. Since people actually take showers without clothes on, we see the two boys taking showers without clothes on. Since this is so real, we give the benefit of the doubt to the filmmaker for all the other stuff. We believe the characters and what they do.

Two boys are enjoying their summer after high school. They get high and drink and go to parties and try to hook up with girls. Just like most boys just out of high school. At a fancy wedding they meet one of the boys’ cousin who is an extremely sexy woman of about 30. They flirt with her as well while feeling a buzz. They invite her to a beautiful Mexican beach, the name of which they make up on the spot, but she politely declines. She is married to a hotheaded businessman. On the morning of their trip, the boys are surprised to get a call from her asking to come along.

The road trip begins.

There are images of a sexual nature that we don’t see from American films. So leave your shockability at home.

I’m not going to give anything away, but everything that happens from the slow dance on is exactly what would happen in real life.

I see a lot of movies and it takes a lot for me to be surprised. When I am, it really resonates. I find myself actually verbally saying ‘nice!’ or ‘perfect’ under my breath. When you see a lot of movies, there is rarely anything new to experience. But there is a scene right after the slow dance towards the end that was honest and perfect and would never in a million years be included in an American film. I was happy to be surprised and can’t wait to see this one again.

By the end of the film, everyone’s motivation became clear and was understandable.

This is a sexy film to be sure. In fact, this makes a great heterosexual bookend to Mulholland Drive’s lesbian encounter.

The two actors were extremely brave to take on these parts.

9.1 Critical Consensus


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