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July 20, 2002
Sundance Channel

A film director imagines or remembers four stories involving partings between a man and a woman.

John Malkovich. Irene Jacob (RED). Sophie Marceau (BRAVEHEART). Vincent Perez. Jean Reno (THE PROFESSIONAL). Peter Weller (is ROBOCOP). Marcello Mastroianni. Jeanne Moreau.

Directed by Michelangelo Antonioni and Wim Wenders.

Beautiful and dreamy series of stories about love, both passionate and unrequited. Malkovich plays a filmmaker who observes the pairings going on around him and he gets to partake in one himself. The little scenes in between the stories were directed by Wenders and they have that beautiful, bird's-eye-view, crane manipulation-type shot that he's become famous for. Malkovich does the voiceover in English, but switches to French for his scene. Peter Weller who is best known for being Robocop, does his entire character in French. This is a truly international production using international actors speaking three different languages. This film also stars two of the world's most beautiful women and one unknown to me, but who instantly rocketed to the top of the list. Irene Jacob plays a straight-laced woman who is followed by a hunky man to a church while they talk about love and satisfaction. Sophie Marceau is almost hard to look at, she's so beautiful, and Malkovich finds that simply going into a clothing boutique will eventually get him in the sack with her. And as this is a European film, we see _all_ of Marceau in her love scene. There are arguments and infidelity and teasing and beautiful bodies and mistresses and passionate sex and tearful goodbyes. The music is great, the locations beautiful, though usually cloudy, and the photography stunning.

The first vignette starred an Italian woman named Ines Sastre, who is absolutely stunning. She's like a more beautiful, thinner Cindy Crawford, with stronger eyebrows and Italian flair. Holy cow.

This is a good one to watch when you're already sort of tired. It's dreamy.

** Halliwell's


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