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July 3, 2002
Towne Theater

I'm still thinking about this one two weeks later. A 31 year old man makes the incredible mistake of remaining single. He is set up with hottie after hottie (seriously, you should see these actresses, who look like they stepped out of the pages of Hebrew Seventeen), but he doesn't like any of them. He is looking for passion and love, not a convenient set-up. After spurning a woman half his age who playfully dares him to kiss her and then lies there like a dead fish, he buys some groceries and heads to his lover's house. She is 34 and has a daughter from a previous relationship. She is beautiful, but a bit trashy. His father discovers this and all hell breaks loose.

What could have been a comedy is absolutely not played for laughs. Once you get past the possible 'domineering mother' jokes, you realize that the family is dead serious about who is acceptable to be seen with. The woman is threatened and her house is ransacked. The man is all but kicked out of his family.

There are touches that are perfect. After the woman is humiliated in front of her daughter, the oldest member of the boy's family, the grandma, lovingly touches her as if to say 'what can we do, this is the way it is'. The boy's younger sister, who should be the most progressive says 'I know my mother, she will never give up'. These women know that any of them could find themselves single and 34 and in love with a man who is above their station. We find that the father had his own affair many years back and it took a threat of bodily harm for him to end that relationship.

There is an incredibly honest sex scene between the lovers that finds them having sex, then pausing and talking, then stopping, then starting again, then talking. It was so real and raw. And when the woman's daughter crawls into bed with them the next morning, there is none of the uneasiness that we'd feel if it was an American film.

Very well done.

8.1 Critical Consensus


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