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July 30, 2002

Jon Favreau. Vince Vaughn. Puff Daddy. Famke Janssen. Peter Falk. Jonathan Silverman. Three castmembers from THE SOPRANOS.

Made. Two dimwitted men go on a mission to New York City for a mob boss.

I wanted it to be better. The story really plays a backseat to the interaction between Jon and Vince. They really have the timing down. Jon as the serious, quiet, angry guy, and Vince as the cocky, nervous, talky idiot. I laughed a lot when they were talking. Vince's character wasn't sure exactly what was complimentary on their first class flight, for example. The DVD extras point out that the title was Jon's quote "Let's just get this movie Made". He and Vince were tired of waiting around for a film to start so Jon wrote it and they both got involved and for five million they made this. Falk is funny and tough. Puffy is surprisingly good and pretty funny himself. Big Pussy is quiet and drives the limo around. Silverman may not even have a line. I like him and I'm not sure what he was doing here. There isn't much to this, but it's fun to hang out with these characters. Vaughn has sort of cornered the market on his particular kind of humor. He's like a hyperactive kid who talks before thinking and then gets his feelings hurt if someone is rude to him.

Bonus points for having two of my favorite hotties. Spin City's Jennifer Esposito plays a Jersey club girl. And porn star Jenteal, who I am proud to say I recognized even though she used a fake name in the credits, plays a stripper (shockingly!). And any film that has a cameo by Saved By The Bell's Screech, and then disses him, can't be all bad.

7.0 Critical Consensus


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