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July 26, 2002

Mulholland Drive--A Love Story In The City Of Dreams

Naomi Watts. Laura Harring. Directed by David Lynch.

This was one of my top five films of 2001 and upon second viewing, I still believe this. In fact, watching this on DVD was better than in the theater. Mostly because of the intricate sound design that Lynch came up with. It is much scarier watching this on your TV alone at home than it was in a theater full of people.

I loved that entire philosophies of this film sprung up on the internet when it first came out. What does the box mean? What is the timeline? I read every word and agreed with many of the theories. They still hold up after watching again. The sex scenes are still hot, the ending still creepy, and the performance of Watts looks even better. I'd like to know where in Australia Watts has been hiding because she was unbelievable.

As this is a Lynch film, there are red herrings galore. What was the meeting in the board room all about? What's the deal with the cowboy? Why do we care about the director's wife and Billy Ray Cyrus? But this all makes the film more fun.

* Best Actress of 2001 for Naomi Watts--Boston Film Critics Nomination; Chicago Film Critics Winner; Online Film Critics Society Winner
* Best Director of 2001 for David Lynch--Academy Award Nomination; Boston Film Critics Winner; Cannes Film Festival Winner; Chicago Film Critics Winner; Los Angeles Film Critics Winner; Online Film Critics Society Winner; Toronto Film Festival Winner
* Best Picture of 2001--Boston Film Critics Winner; Broadcast Critics Association Nomination; Chicago Film Critics Winner; Cesar Award Winner; New York Film Critics Winner; Online Film Critics Society Winner
* Best Cinematography of 2001 for Peter Deming--Chicago Film Critics Nomination; Independent Spirit Award Winner; Online Film Critics Society Nomination
* Best Screenplay of 2001 for David Lynch--Online Film Critics Society Nomination

7.3 Critical Consensus


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