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January 16, 2003
Century 22
English / French
141 minutes

The True Story Of A Real Fake -- CATCH ME IF YOU CAN.

Enjoyable from start to finish. DiCaprio is perfectly cast as a high school student who impersonates a teacher, pilot, lawyer, and doctor. Spielberg uses every trick in the book for us to root for the guy. The film seems to think that he did all of the things he did to impress his father, who is contantly being hounded by the IRS. Long, but good. Hanks is solid as always, but he is set up to be a bit too much of a bumbler while DiCaprio is always slipping away in the nick of time.

There were actually touching scenes between both Leo and Walken, as his father, and between Leo and a girl he is engaged to. You believe that he had feelings for these two people. This is a film referred to as an enjoyable romp. You don't leave the theater smarter or changed, you just have fun while you're there.

~~Leonardo DiCaprio--Best Actor of 2003--Golden Globe Nomination
~~Jeff Nathanson--Best Adapted Screenplay of 2003--Online Film Critics Society Nomination
~~Christopher Walken--Best Supporting Actor of 2003--National Society of Film Critics

7.0 Critical Consensus


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