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March 26, 2003
Camera 7
101 minutes

On The Road To The Perfect Life, Sam & Alex Took A Little Detour -- LAUREL CANYON.

Kate Beckinsale. Frances McDormand. Christian Bale.

Ultimately empty story about a repressed, yet happy seeming couple, and how they change while staying with his mother in her bohemian hillside home in Los Angeles. McDormand has a kind of charisma where you can see her actually pulling off this charming character. She affects everyone she meets. The carefree life she's chosen as a record producer can't help but make a couple of doctors envious. She is magnetic. And Beckinsale is a goddess so at least we have something to look at. There is a sexy honest all-talking scene that takes place in a car that is very memorable. Fun while it lasted, but doesn't leave you with much to think about afterwards.

6.0 Critical Consensus


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