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June 20, 2003
May 27, 2001
October 18, 2000
June 12, 2000
No Dialogue
40 minutes

-->Written and Directed.....Farhad Yawari
-->Lara.....Julia Brendler
-->Jakob.....Marco Hofschneider [Immortal Beloved]

I swear I have to watch this every year or so just to remember what can be done with sound and images. This film fills me up with happiness. Still touching and beautiful.

Previously written:

Surely the greatest 40 minute film in history. No dialogue. Beautiful music. Spectacular cinematography. This is not a nature film, but the story of a young woman in a mental institution who can only feel free when she dreams of swimming with dolphins. It is pure magic from start to finish. It is never slow. This was my fourth time watching and it effects me the same way each time. The colors are fabulous, the young woman (Julia Brendler) an absolute doll, and the feelings this film expresses do not require any character to speak. It's on a Film Fest DVD which is well worth the price for this short alone.


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