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June 29, 2004
115 minutes

Behind Every Great Love Is A Great Story -- THE NOTEBOOK.

I fell for this thing hook, line, and sinker. Present-day oldtimer James Garner reads to Gena Rowlands from a book about two young lovers back in the 40s meeting and falling in love during a summer vacation. Realistic and funny and touching--as well as the nervousness coupled with feelings of invincibility that all young lovers feel. Captured perfectly. Red-hot arguments turn to red-hot make-out sessions.

Rachel McAdams is so charismatic that she seems to glow when she smiles. Gosling is all aw-shucks, but underneath he is proud of his humble lifestyle.

I liked this one a lot.

5.1 Critical Consensus
***^ Ebert
**^ Berardinelli
**^ EW


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