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December 28, 2005
January 18, 2006
Campbell -- Camera 7
134 minutes

Love Is A Force Of Nature -- BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN.

Absolutely holds up on a second viewing. Knowing what to expect doesn't take away a single thing.

Previously written:

Is this the greatest love story I've ever seen? I think it might just be. It fills you up with hopefulness and sadness in equal measure. It is a relationship that mere mortals will never achieve. It is the stuff that movies are made of. We don't want to see people who look like us in relationships that remind us of ourselves. We want to see better looking people in more dramatic and passionate love affairs. We watch people take risks we never could.

It's hard to put this into words. These two men, played quietly and flawlessly by both Gyllenhaal and Ledger, are braver and more frustrated than we are. Thrown together at work, they have only each other for comfort and affection. A one-time only hookup is much, much more serious than they first think.

Ledger has a wedding planned and Jake continues to talk about the rodeo girls he's met. But from that summer of 1963 until the day they die, they will only truly love one other person.

Think of everything you'd be willing give up to find true love. Think of every time you've had to hide feelings. Think of every 'what if' situation that goes on in your head about a past lover.

These two men weren't Broadway dancers. They weren't flight attendants. They were ranch hands and cowboys. They had to push their feelings so far inside of themselves that they almost speak too quietly to be heard.

The scenery is spectacular, the music haunting, the performances don't have a false note. The respective wives, families, and bosses are all fantastic. Michelle Williams and Anne Hathaway are the wives. The girls who play Ledger's daughters are fantastic. And just when you think things can't get better, Anna Farris shows up to be blonde, and someone from the almighty Freaks And Geeks appears to save the day.

There are no winks to the audience. There are no points where the men become "faggy". They don't do a dance together. They are proud of their families. They have made peace with where their lives have taken them.

But they've only been in complete love with one person. And they can't be with that person or tell anyone about that person or be seen with that person.

It's enough to break your heart.

8.9 Critical Consensus
8.7 Metacritic



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