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September 4, 2006
224 Minutes

Silent Bob Speaks.

Kevin Smith speaks at five college campuses. The students love him, to an almost ridiculous degree. But he sure can spin a yarn. One by one, college students, many not exactly sober, take the microphone to ask him a question. Some can be answered in one word, but Smith often uses the question as an excuse to talk about Afleck, sex with his wife, Prince, and baggies of pot. They are all entertaining. He has a relaxed way with his speaking. The fact that he's sweating profusely and wearing his trademark sleeveless sweatshirt and constantly pushing his glasses back up makes him seem like any other geeky movie fan. That's his genius. Also, his self-deprecation has been honed to such a degree that you fall right into his trap. Towards the end, the story of his first date with his wife is pure genius.

He swears a lot, he mocks himself and his fans, and he absolutely does have a good story to tell. He is a regular guy who made it relatively big.

I also think that he is one of the smartest writers in film today. He was the first filmmaker/writer who is younger than me, but who I couldn't possibly measure up to. Whether he's writing a screenplay, appearing next to Mr. Roper, judging stories on Howard Stern, or speaking in front of a boisterous crowd, he remains that same smart person who feels like he lucked into his dream job.

He's hard not to like. At 224 minutes long, however, you may want to break up the viewing into several days.



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