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August 26, 2006
255 Minutes

A film every American should see. I especially liked seeing Wendell Pierce, a New Orleans native, who appears on the best show on television, HBO's The Wire. It's more than four hours long, but doesn't drag. There are characters galore. The white guy who armed himself before returning to his home after hearing of looters and murder. There are stoic people and people who sound crazy. By far the best interview is the woman who recounts her efforts to get on a plane from the New Orleans airport. The cops on the bridge story is recounted as are all the stories that ended up being false about babies being raped and thrown from the upper deck of the Superdome. People really open up to Spike's camera. A man had to leave his dead mother in a wheelchair at the Convention Center when he was told at gunpoint to board a bus whose destination hadn't yet been determined. And then the insurance companies came. Pierce says, "there's a special circle in hell for insurance people."

Had he taken out the stories of the government purposely bombing the levees in order to flood the poor sections, it may have had more impact. He left in those rumors and conspiracy stories because years ago, those areas were purposely flooded. The list of interviewees is quite something. Academics, angry black professors, Sean Penn, rich white people, newscasters.

Well done.



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