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November 12, 2006
Campbell CA -- Camera 7
USA / Mexico
Japanese Sign Language / French / English / Spanish / Japanese / Berber / Arabic
142 Minutes

If you want to be understood...Listen.

"What we have here is...failure to communicate." Thank you Cool Hand Luke. This film highlights the thousands of ways we have trouble communicating with other humans. Not just language, and you can see the many that are spoken in this film. But custom. A kid chases down a chicken in Mexico thinking that it will be used as a pet only to be horrified when its head is cut off for supper. The language of music is completely lost on the deaf Japanese teenager. Food is eaten with hands and with silverware. Mobile phones are used to communicate sign language. A woman purells her hands while sitting in a Moroccan restaurant. Two boys, playing around, create an international incident.

Well acted, if a bit heavy-handed. Not as good as either previous effort, AMORRES PERROS or 21 GRAMS.

Riveting scene that takes place in a Tokyo dance club. We are inside the head of the deaf girl and we only "feel" the music, we don't hear it, then we are taken out where the music is deafening. The lights are most important when inside her head. The music most important outside of it. That scene was very well done.

2006 Oscar Nominations:
~~Best Picture
~~Best Director for Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu
~~Best Original Screenplay for Guillermo Arriaga
~~Best Editing for Douglas Crise & Stephen Mirrione
~~Best Supporting Actress For Adriana Barraza
~~Best Supporting Actress For Rinko Kikuchi

6.9 Metacritic



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