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September 16, 2006
San Jose CA -- Camera 12
106 Minutes

After you've seen HALF NELSON, listen to the MichaelVox and Tassoula K. "Cinebanter" podcast, which is available here or at iTunes.

The story of a crack-addicted inner-city history teacher. How can he be a better role model to his students than the drug dealers who inhabit their neighborhoods? Fantastic.

My bullet points:

--The best thing I've seen this year, by far.
--Ryan Gosling is fantastic. No one else could do this role except maybe a younger Ed Norton.
--Holla back if you hear me.
--No discipline problems.
--The guy had no money whatsoever.
--Awkward school dance scene.
--Shareeka Epps, who plays the girl student was simply magnetic.
--Red, white, and blue bandaid a bit of overkill.

2006 Oscar Nominations:
~~Best Actor for Ryan Gosling

8.5 Metacritic
**** Rosenbaum, Chicago Reader
***^ Phillips, Chicago Tribune
"A" Schwarzbaum, EW



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