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December 28, 2005
January 18, 2006
December 28, 2006
134 Minutes

The best film released in 2005. Still haunting. Even though HBO had the pan and scan version, it lost none of the majestic power of the mountains. The performances even get better. Jack is the reckless one. Reckless in his job, his words, and his sexuality. Ennis is so repressed that he can hardly speak and fills up to the boiling point where he will either vomit or beat up a guy.

The scenes with Ennis and Jack's mom are the ones that get to me now. The shirt doesn't as much.

I have the soundtrack and it's hard to imagine this film working nearly as well without it.

Time Out Film Guide 15--The themes of forbidden love, lost opportunity, marital deception and romantic honesty are accessible and mainstream even.

Academy Award Winner--Best Director for Ang Lee, Best Music, Best Adapted Screenplay.
Academy Award Nominations--Cinematography, Picture, Heath Ledger, Jake Gyllenhaal, Michelle Williams
The Best Picture of 2005: BAFTA, Boston, BFCA, DFWFCA, FFCC, Golden Globes, Independent Spirit Awards, Las Vegas, London, LA, NY, SF, SEFCA, VFCC.

**** Ebert
*** Maltin--Bold subject matter (for mainstream audiences) is given sensitive if traditional treatment by Director Lee; slow, stately, and often moving, but also a bit distant. Ledger is excellent in a complex, brooding role, and the whole cast matches him.
8.7 Metacritic



..while i am here,can i add my vote for the music ,the third biggest character in the film.."haunting" is'nt the word..
i hear it playing in my head as i write this...along with the shirt in the wardrobe it was the music that really "got me"..
In a similar incident maybe to the one you related in a previous podcast..
The "Brokeback" trailer was playing when i went to see "King Kong"..and the embarrassed shifting and giggling was ,itself embarrassing..
Chris Morrell

By Blogger chris morrell, at 5:05 AM  

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