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December 5, 2006
Campbell CA -- Camera 7
108 Minutes

More is never enough.

I am a charter passenger on the Abbie Cornish bandwagon. I recently saw SOMERSAULT and loved it. She is a sight to see. Not just because she's gorgeous, but also because she's a great actress. You can't stop looking at her mixture of Nicole Kidman and the cutest hippy girl you ever saw. This story had shades of Sid and Nancy, in that there's no doubt that this couple of addicts love each other completely. But the stuff they put each other and themselves through for their fix is as heartbreaking as you might expect. They start as normal middle class 20somethings who spiral into hookers and thieves.

Heath Ledger is the male counterpart. Much like Trainspotting, CANDY tries to show us early just how great heroin must feel.

5.7 Metacritic



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