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(Fat Girl)

December 2, 2006
Criterion DVD
France / Italy
French / Italian / English
86 Minutes

An overweight 12-year-old girl observes her pretty, 15-year-old sister's sexual initiation on a summer holiday.

Controversial, sexually explicit story of two sisters on a vacation. One is beautiful and is ready to lose her virginity. The other is overweight and mocked by her older sister. The scenes of the college-aged boy telling the cutie everything she wants to hear to get into her pants is part-funny, part-sleazy. We see erections and violence and the last ten minutes caught me completely off-guard. Not exactly a great film, but I'm still thinking about it three weeks later.

The literal translation is "For My Sister" which makes it seem sweeter somehow.

7.7 Metacritic
* Halliwells


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