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December 23, 2006
91 Minutes

A video artist begins a reluctant courtship with a shoe salesman whose wife is leaving him.

Stars John Hawkes, the only circumcised person in HBO's Deadwood as a shoe salesman who is adjusting (badly) to life alone. He's alone during those weeks when he two sons are staying with their mother. The kids are a revelation, especially the little kid, who is seven. In fact, there are a half-dozen children in this film who all appear to be living their roles rather than acting in them. The film is about loneliness and isolation, even while surrounded by people.

The woman is played by the director, Miranda July, who is so wacky as to be just this side of psychotic. She films a date between her left and right foot, marked "me" and "him". She also sees everything a little differently than most people.

There are countless bits of dialogue that make no sense, but then they make all the sense in the world because real people don't always make sense. There is a chatroom discussion between the seven-year-old and an unseen troller. There are neighborhood high school girls unsure of how the whole sexual seduction thing works. There is a ten-year-old girl who collects kitchen and bath items for her future wedding day.

It was really something. Funny and thoughtful. On paper, it probably seems like it was taken word-for-word out of the "Independent Artsy Film Playbook", but somehow it rises above it all. I completely fell for it.

7.6 Metacritic
**** Ebert
*** Maltin



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