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January 7, 2007
Camera Cinema Club
95 Minutes

Just hand Peter O'Toole the Oscar now. Add up all the work he's done (most famously in Lawrence Of Arabia where he was even prettier than Jude Law), look at his work in VENUS, as a slightly-less-famous actor, and give it to him. It's the right thing to do. And even in a year where Ryan Gosling may have done the best job, it just seems more correct for O'Toole to cap a magnificent career with an award for VENUS.

The story is about retired, older English actors and how their vitality and health deteriorate as death looms near. He and his old friends spend their time in a coffee shop, looking through the obituaries for news of another friend's death.

One of the men has his grandniece come live with him to help out around the house. She is unrefined and lazy and it's more than the man can take. He begs O'Toole's character to take her off his hands, which he does eagerly. He was something of a player in his younger days and he still has the ambition, if not the health, to pursue women of every age.

It could have turned sleazy, but somehow stays away from lecherousness somehow. O'Toole is no threat (he lets her know he's impotent), and the two can learn something from each other.

Funnier and randier than you might expect. O'Toole is marvelous.

2006 Oscar Nominations:
~~Best Actor for Peter O'Toole

8.2 Metacritic



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