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February 18, 2007
60 Minutes

Evangelical Christians become a formidable force in culture and democracy.

More even-handed than I would have expected. Basically, Pelosi (a daughter) travels around the southern part of America and pulls over whenever she sees something Evangelical that strikes her fancy. A guy who is putting up huge crosses in as many states as he can, a mini-golf course which is bible themed, the Orlando, Florida Bible theme park, a huge mega church, a guy with a drivable billboard about God. And many, many roadside signs declaring one's faith.

Ted Haggert brags about his sexual prowess, conveniently leaving out the fact that much of that prowess is with a man and while he's on meth. But we can all rejoice in his complete cure from homosexuality. It only took three weeks. Hallelujah.

Pelosi does a good job, in my mind, of not mocking her subjects. It's a quick drive through America. Most of the Christians seem polite and happy and not really so brainwashed. Her final stop through red states ends in the ultimate blue city in a blue state at a rock concert for god at Pac Bell Park in San Francisco.

She has a habit of asking questions in a sort of whiny manner. But also kind of realistic. "What are three hot young guys doing at church on a Friday night?"



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