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October 17, 2007
Campbell CA -- Camera 7
119 Minutes
Drama / Thriller
Tony Gilroy

The Truth Can Be Adjusted.

...I saw last night that Mr. Roeper named this his number 1 of way...My big man-crush George Clooney is spectacularly good, but the film itself is simply a legal doesn't add up to much...Tilda Swinton is good as always, but her character isn't quite believable...the story about a large ADM-like food consortium is timely, but not exactly intriguing...

Oscar Nominations:
--Actor George Clooney
--Supporting Actor Tom Wilkinson
--Supporting Actress Tilda Swinton
--Director Tony Gilroy
--Original Screenplay
--Original Score

8.2 Metacritic
7.7 IMDB



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