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January 12, 2008
Canada / France / UK
French / English / Cantonese
90 Minutes
Drama / Music
Olivier Assayas

When You Don't Have A Choice, You Change

...there is no bigger Maggie Cheung fan on the planet, but I have to admit that this one was a bit slow. Cheung is married to a former rock star and together they have a child who lives with his parents. Both the musician and Cheung are heroin users and most of his friends blame her for his lack of productivity and bad health. When he dies in a seedy hotel room before a comeback tour, she is sent to jail and upon her release, decides to clean up and try and get her son back. Nick Nolte mumbles through the role of the grandpa guardian. Cheung is torn between continuing her music-world lifestyle and becoming a responsible parent. She busts out French, English, and Cantonese with equal aplomb. Moody and depressing.

Director Assayas is Maggie Cheung's ex-husband.

~~Best Actress of 2004 for Maggie Cheung--Cannes Film Festival

7.5 Metacritic
7.0 IMDB
***^ Ebert
B Schwarzbaum



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