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December 30, 2007
January 20, 20008
San Jose CA -- Santana Row
USA / Canada / Hungary
96 Minutes
Comedy / Drama / Romance
Jason Reitman

A Comedy About Growing Up...And The Bumps Along The Way.

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Second Viewing:
Since you know that Rainn Wilson's dialogue is going to ruin the first ten minutes, it's much easier to get through. The touching scenes are only more touching. And Jennifer Garner is better than I remember. As are Juno's parents. The theater was also more crowded since the Oscar nominations were announced.

First Viewing:
If you can get through the first 20 minutes, with all it's preciousness and look-at-me begging, you'll fall in love with it. Too much snarky dialogue threatens to sink it.

Oscar Nominations:
--Actress Ellen Page
--Director Jason Reitman
--Original Screenplay

8.1 Metacritic
8.3 IMDB
#129 IMDB



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