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My 11th Cinequest is now over. My final count was 22 films and four shorts. I thought it was a pretty good lineup. The exhibitions were not marred by technical difficulties. My final film had the subtitles too low, but if that's the only issue for the whole 11 days, I really can't complain. It wasn't that long ago that you were lucky if the projector worked at CQ. Nevermind having the right lens on the projector.

The crowd was obnoxious, rude, loud, and messy. But then again, I'm not a big fan of people. I had the girl on her boyfriend's lap next to me, the makeout middle-agers on the other side of me, the girl who sent and received texts without turning of her notification sound, the other multiple texters who brightened up the darkened theater, and every other issue that comes up when ever seat is filled.

I also saw some great films.

Best fiction:

1-KLOPKA (THE TRAP) -- Serbia -- Father needs $30,000 for his son's life-saving operation and needs to adjust his morals in order to earn it
2-OPERA -- Mexico -- Older man and younger girl travel around the Mexican countryside while he writes a book and she figures out her place in his world
3-DIE STILLE VOR BACH (THE SILENCE BEFORE BACH) -- Spain -- Non-narrative film about the wonder of Bach's music
4-VRATNE LAHVE (EMPTIES) -- Czech Republic -- Retired teacher gets job in supermarket and dispenses advice to townspeople there while enjoying a rich fantasy life
5-TAJNOSTI (LITTLE GIRL BLUE) -- Czech Republic -- Day in the life of woman having mid-life crisis on the morning that Nina Simone dies
6-LUO YE GUI GEN (GETTING HOME) -- China -- Man takes his best friend back to his village for burial
7-AUFTAUCHEN (BREAKING THE SURFACE) -- Germany -- Young photographer enjoys nights in clubs and explicit sex with her younger boyfriend
8-NADZIEJA (HOPE) -- Poland -- Boy catches art theft and finds a way to get the painting back
9-DISFIGURED -- USA -- People with body image issues meet and make their way in the world
10-RUBY BLUE -- UK -- Grumpy widower's life is brightened by young girl and French widow who have moved into his neighborhood
11-RIPARO - ANIS TRA DI NOI (SHELTER) -- Italy -- Lesbian couple unwittingly bring stowaway back from North Africa
12-MARS & VENUS -- Norway -- Young couple break up over the usual issues

[Avoid the ones below here]

13-YOUNG PEOPLE FUCKING -- Canada -- Different couples approach sex differently
14-ODBACEN (THE REJECT) -- Serbia -- Dying man puts affairs in order while being followed by black-clad demons
15-UNFINISHED GIRL -- China -- Woman with cancer tries to avenge her parents' death before dying herself
16-THREE PRIESTS -- USA -- Brothers grow up in small western town
17-ANYWHERE, USA -- USA -- Three semi-related stories of Carolinians
18-SPEED DATING -- Ireland -- Unlucky-in-love millionaire gets amnesia


1-NACIDO SIN (BORN WITHOUT) -- Mexico -- Story of musician, actor, and father of six who was born without arms
2-THIS DUST OF WORDS -- USA -- Story of genius who became homeless and was found dead
3-D TOUR: A TENACIOUS DOCUMENTARY -- USA -- Story of the tour and movie release by Tenacious D.
4-CHINA: A WILL TO RISE -- USA -- Travelogue of China



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