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March 1, 2008
The San Jose Cinequest Film Festival
Serbia / Germany / Hungary
106 Minutes
Crime / Drama / Thriller
Srdjan Golubovic

Very well-made morality tale in the guise of a thriller as told in a confession to an unknown listener. Well-adjusted and creative only son of young loving couple has a seizure and is rushed to the hospital. A life-saving operation is needed. It will cost the young family $30,000, something out of the question for a construction foreman husband and schoolteacher wife. Friends are asked for donations and try to help, but it's clear they have nowhere near enough money. They place a plea/advertisement in the newspaper. The phone rings. A man asks to meet. "I'll give you the money if you do this one thing for me."

"I need this man to disappear. A man no one will miss. An evil man."

What could go wrong? How much is the life of your only child worth? What if you knew the target's family?

Tense and quiet and well-shot and acted. Surprisingly touching. This is not a bad man, but he's forced to make a terrible decision and then live with whatever his decision is.

8.0 IMDB



Alright Michael?...forgive me but these responses are really all "asides"
Link is to "The Trap" ,and the other superb Adam Curtis "zietgiest" collage style docs that i probably plugged HBO screensaver had kicked in just now,reminding me that i will have to relent and buy the season four boxset of "The Wire" ..backtracking...I'm not too interested in the "U2" film ,but have just seen,and highly recommend "Joe Strummer..the future is unwritten"..Bono was hugely influenced by him and is included in the role call,along with: Jim Jarmusch ,Johnny Depp,john Cusack and Steve Buscemi..It's by Julien Temple ( "Glastonbury" ),and has a great style.Apart from the necessary "talking heads" ,mainly round "camp fires" ,"found footage","home movies" and rostrum camera work are merged with Temple's film of "the Clash" right from the first rehearsals,to "breaking America" and beyond to "the Mescaleros" ,remember how HUGE they were?'s a superb film.
Also,before the moment passes,if i was one of those "The Office" supersnobs,then news is that i have seen the light..the second episode that is,the "diversity class" ,following the "Chris Rock routine incident".I am a complete convert,this is ,after all just the depiction of just another small company Office,this time in Scranton? (is it?).After the ,almost word for word "pilot" ,comparisons become redundant.
Now i've got something like forty episodes to look forward to.
Take it easy.
Chris M

By Blogger chris morrell, at 3:54 PM  

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