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March 1, 2008
San Jose Cinequest Film Festival
90 Minutes
Drama / Thriller
Cheng Er
United States Premiere

Sleep-inducing and way longer-seeming than its 90 minute running time. There are long, drawn out takes, in closeup, whereby a character delivers a sort of monologue to another character. But we see no reaction shots of this other character and we are left staring at every nuance of the speaker's face. Gao Yuanyuan certainly has an attractive enough face to stare at, but as she's speaking, quickly, staccato, I'd forgotten how she started her speech. The time frame goes backwards and forwards. There is a young girl on a bicycle who is hit by a car. As she's checked out, it is discovered that she has a brain tumor which never would have been caught had the guy not fallen asleep behind the wheel. I'm still not sure, but I think this young girl becomes the same 20ish woman who takes the driver that hit her all those years ago hostage because she believes he killed her parents when he was 12 years old. And by the way, this same man is now married to her sister. So I'm not sure what that all means. The performances are all very good. A ten minute static take requires some awesome skill and the actors cry and rage and ACT right before our eyes. Why did she suspect the man as her parents' killer?

Good luck with this one.



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