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State Of Grace

Phil Joanou [Rattle & Hum (Live U2 Film); Wild Palms; Heaven's Prisoners; U2: The Best Of 1980-1990 (Video Compilation); Entropy (Bono and Larry have lines in it)]
Dennis McIntyre
Principal Cast:
Terry Noonan.....Sean Penn [The Best Actor born in 1960; Taps; Fast Times At Ridgemont High; Bad Boys; Racing With The Moon; The Falcon And The Snowman; At Close Range; Dear America: Letters Home From Vietnam; Colors; Casualties Of War; We're No Angels; Carlito's Way; The Crossing Guard; Dead Man Walking; She's So Lovely; U-Turn; The Game; The Thin Red Line; Being John Malkovich; Before Night Falls]
Frankie Flannery.....Ed Harris [The Right Stuff; The Abyss; China Moon; Glengarry Glen Ross; The Firm; The Stand; Milk Money; Baseball; Apollo 13; The Rock; Absolute Power; The Truman Show; Waking The Dead]
Jackie Flannery.....Gary Oldman [Former husband of goddess Uma Thurman; Sid And Nancy; Prick Up Your Ears; Criminal Law; Chattahoochee; Rosencrantz And Guildenstern Are Dead; Henry & June; JFK; Dracula; True Romance; Romeo Is Bleeding; Leon; Immortal Beloved; Basquiat; The Fifth Element; Air Force One; The Contender]
Kathleen Flannery.....Robin Wright (not yet Penn) [The Princess Bride; Toys; Forrest Gump; The Crossing Guard; Moll Flanders; She's So Lovely; Message In A Bottle; Unbreakable]
Nick.....John Turturro [Raging Bull; The Flamingo Kid; To Live And Die In L.A.; Hannah And Her Sisters; The Color Of Money; Gung Ho; Do The Right Thing; Mo' Better Blues; Miller's Crossing; Jungle Fever; Barton Fink; Fearless; Baseball; Quiz Show; Girl 6; The Big Lebowski; He Got Game; Rounders; O Brother, Where Art Thou?; The Man Who Cried]
Stevie MaGuire.....John C. Reilly [Casualties Of War; We're No Angels; Days Of Thunder; Shadows And Fog; Hoffa; What's Eating Gilbert Grape; The River Wild; Georgia; Boys; Sydney; Boogie Nights; The Thin Red Line; Never Been Kissed; Magnolia; The Perfect Storm; The Anniversary Party]

In New York, an undercover cop returns to the neighborhood where he grew up in order to infiltrate an Irish gang that is about to make a deal with the Mafia.

U2 Pop Culture Reference:
First of all, Phil Joanou directed this and he is also responsible for Rattle & Hum.

[Film Time: 26 minutes] Just after the scene where Terry and Jackie burn down a construction site, Penn goes into a bar bathroom to wash his face. The bar jukebox is playing TRIP THROUGH YOUR WIRES. Penn comes out and orders a Guinness. The song plays exactly one minute.

Besides U2, is it worth watching?
Take a look above at the cast for a second. Penn, Oldman, Harris, Reilly, Wright. Of course this is worth watching. Penn is fantastic as always. Oldman seems to inhabit his role. It's hard to believe this is the same man who played Sid Vicious. Penn plays a guy whose been absent from Hell's Kitchen for awhile but mysteriously turns back up and weaves his way into the Irish gang headed by Harris. Wright plays the younger sister of both Oldman and Harris and Penn starts to fall in love with her (both on and off-screen, I imagine). Oldman is incendiary, prone to explode without warning. Penn is torn between duty and friendship. What the gang does is wrong, but he's known them his whole life. The ending was a bit too John Wooish without having earned it during the rest of the film. Almost like it was shot by another director. But besides this over-the-top portion, the rest of the film is character driven and exciting. A bunch of actors at the top of their games.

Extra Notes:
This film was supposedly fictionalized in Joanou's later film Entropy. Entropy has scenes of him directing a film, which is allegedly based on his experience during the shoot for State of Grace. An experience he didn't seem to like much.

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